What is a DAF?

A DAF is an account for supporting the charitable organizations that matter to you. You can make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction and recommend grants from the fund over time. 

Advantages of a Glenmede DAF

  • Tax Efficiency
    Contributions are immediately tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. DAF assets can be invested for tax-free growth outside of your estate. 
  • Flexibility 
    A DAF can be funded with a variety of assets, including cash, marketable securities, private business interests, real estate, restricted stock or cryptocurrency.
  • Coordination
    A DAF can complement other giving vehicles, such as private foundations, and receive funding from charitable lead and remainder trusts. 
  • Low Fees
    With no start-up costs, a DAF can be established quickly (certain ongoing fees apply). 
  • Privacy
    Grants can be made anonymously. 
  • Legacy
    Successor advisors can be named to a DAF to support designated charities in perpetuity. You may name a DAF as beneficiary of a will, trust, insurance policy or retirement account. 

Getting Started is Easy

Glenmede can guide you every step of the way. 

Your Impact

Your DAF contribution makes a difference for the causes and charities you champion. In 2022, Glenmede DAF holders recommended 1,302 grants totaling more than $15 million.

Read how this donor leverages the flexibility of her Glenmede DAFs.


Total Grant Dollars


Important DAF Considerations

Notes on Glenmede's DAF Program

  • The minimum initial contribution is $25,000, and $5,000 for subsequent contributions.
  • The Glenmede DAF is administered and sponsored by National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), a tax-exempt public charity that maintains exclusive legal control over contributed assets and handles tax reporting.
  • The value of the DAF account will fluctuate with market performance. Income earned by the DAF includes interest, dividends, capital gains distributions from mutual funds and other investment income. 

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To learn more about how a DAF can help you optimize your charitable contributions, please contact your Glenmede Relationship Manager or click below to email:
The Glenmede Donor-Advised Fund is offered under an agreement between The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. (“Glenmede”) and National Philanthropic Trust (“NPT”), a tax-exempt public charity. NPT administers and sponsors the Fund, and maintains exclusive legal control over contributed assets. Glenmede serves as NPT’s investment manager for the Glenmede Donor-Advised Fund. Contributions to DAFs are irrevocable and cannot be redeemed or reclaimed by donors. For more information on the Glenmede Donor-Advised Fund, including the fees, risks and other factors to consider when deciding whether to open an account, please contact your Glenmede Relationship Manager or visit https://info.glenmede.com/donor-advised-fund. This material provides information of possible interest to Glenmede’s clients and friends, and does not provide investment, tax, legal or other advice. Any opinions, recommendations, expectations and/or projections expressed herein may change after the date of publication. Information obtained from third-party sources is assumed to be reliable but may not be independently verified, and the accuracy thereof is not guaranteed. Any potential outcome discussed, including but not limited to performance, legislation or tax consequence, ultimately may not occur due to various risks and uncertainties. Clients are encouraged to discuss any matter discussed herein with their tax advisor, attorney or Glenmede Relationship Manager.